Commercial Management

Commercial Management
We work closely with our owners through initial consultation and regular open dialogue to ensure we fully understand and ultimately meet and exceed the owner’s expectations.  We understand that effectively managing real estate can have a significant contribution to an owner’s bottom line.  We are dedicated to enhancing the investments made by providing a comprehensive and flexible approach to commercial management.     
Our services include, but are not limited to the following: 
Administrative Services 
•    Communication and correspondence to owners and tenants 
•    Lease Negotiations and Renewals 
•    Contract administration, tendering process for repairs, maintenance, cleaning, waste removal, recycling and grounds-keeping services 
•    Ensuring appropriate insurance coverage  
•    Receiving contractor proof of insurance and/or clearance letters from Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board 
•    Management and Supervision of building staff 
•    Supervision of care-taking, grounds-keeping and maintenance personnel and activities. 
Financial Management and Reporting Services 
•    Collection of monthly fees, miscellaneous charges 
•    Implementation of actions for the collection of delinquent rent collection 
•    Collection, processing & payment of expenses 
•    Payroll services, employee bonding** 
•    Management of Security Deposits' 
•    Monthly financial statements  
•    Disbursement of proceeds 
•    Annual Common Area Maintenance cost reconciliations’ 
•    Banking services as required. 
Maintenance and Repair Services 
•    Coordination of caretaking, grounds-keeping, interior and exterior common area cleaning and maintenance, as well as snow, recycling and waste removal 
•    Coordination and supervision of maintenance and upgrade construction 
•    Preventative maintenance programs  
•    Repair/Replacement programs for structural and decorative items to ensure the quality appearance of common properties 
•    Thorough routine inspections 
•    Coordination of insurance claims and repairs 
•    Provision of 24-hour emergency service. 

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